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Hattiesburg, MS Premier Teeth Whitening Method

tooth whiteningTeeth whitening, commonly performed on patients in Hattiesburg, MS, can sometimes be the easiest and most gratifying cosmetic dental procedure. Though we provide a variety of teeth whitening procedures, we have found that in-office whitening yields the best results in the shortest amount of time possible. Our proven teeth whitening method can whiten teeth up to nine shades in about an hour. Traditional at-home teeth whitening systems with custom fitted trays can whiten teeth up to six shades over a period of several weeks and 30-60 hours of actual tray wear.

As our culture has become more and more visually oriented, tooth whitening has become a popular way to make a dazzling white smile. No one can argue that first impressions are powerful, so it is definitely an advantage to be able to smile and talk without hesitation in business and social situations.

The whitening process is conducted by bleaching the teeth with the goal of whitening stained or dull teeth. Those wishing to brighten their smile have two main options available that will produce good results:

A professional teeth whitening treatment in the office

tooth whitening servicesThis option has the advantage of immediate results. Also, knowing that the work has been professionally done can be reassuring to many. The treatment begins by placing a protective gel on the gums in order to protect the soft tissue. Another gel is applied directly to the teeth and is light activated. The whitening agent in the solution is enhanced by the use of a laser. Your dentist will also make impressions of your teeth so that you he can send you home with custom trays for at-home follow up. This professional option will give you the strongest and most immediate results. You will definitely see immediate improvement in the brightness of your smile. This improvement should be dramatic and should last for many years.

An at-home tray whitening

This is less expensive and can be carried out by the patient. However, it is most effective when directions are specifically followed and monitored by your dentist. Impressions of your teeth will be taken by your dentist so that customized trays can be made for you. You will put these trays on your teeth for 30-60 minutes at a time for the most effective outcome. You can maintain the brightness of your smile by occasional touch-up treatments.

In some cases, more thorough and expensive treatments may be necessary in order to effectively brighten your smile; however, teeth whitening treatments are a great place to start. The cost is reasonable, and it is definitely a wonderful first step to take if you are looking to improve the aesthetics and brightness of your smile.

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